BigTree Defense 2: Evolution now live! Comments 7 11/26/2011

Play it at mochigames.

Play it at mochigames.

BigTree TopGun on ios Comments 0 11/04/2011

We are glad to say that BigTree TopGun have been migranted to ios.  We released a whole new ios version of this game  on App Store yesterday , have some screen shot at first :

and get here to learn more:

We just publish it to China area right now, more areas is coming soon,after some language translation issues  got fixed.

Tell us what you guys think about it .

BigTree TopGun released Comments 3 09/23/2010

To protect the holy fruit avoid evil bugs’ attack, the bigtree grows up more and more cannons around the fruit, fires on the bugs, keep the holy fruit safety.

Play it at ArmorGames | Play it at Kongregate

Listen the whole album of Time Goes By Comments 0 07/19/2010

The album <City Movie> is going online, which if the music where Time Goes By come from.


If you like the music, now, you can listen the whole album, Click here to open the album page(There is a music player in that page).

BigTree Defense 2 in developing Comments 59 07/16/2010

The title <BigTree Defense 2 : Evolution> is in developing for months, we don’t want to say much, from some screenshots, it may make some sense.

The game will be finished at next month.

BigTree Defense Comments 23 03/11/2010

BigTree Defense was our first defense game, inspired by the growth of a tree. You can make the tree grow up in your control, place weapons on it to defend the evil insects.

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Time Goes By Comments 18 03/11/2010

Time Goes By…

Our experimental music game, i know most players think it’s boring, but we do know it moved some person, also, sometimes we get drunk, then open Time Goes By, drive, listening…

Play Time Goes By | | Host it on your site

Glow Cut Comments 4 03/11/2010

Our first casual game, well, i guess sometime you want to cut everything, but you can’t do it in real world, so, let do it in the game.

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