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Time Goes By…

Our experimental music game, i know most players think it’s boring, but we do know it moved some person, also, sometimes we get drunk, then open Time Goes By, drive, listening…

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18 Responses to “Time Goes By”

  1. Francesca says: March 27,2010 02:37 AM  
    Your music is... wonderful. Soft and relaxed, in harmony with nature. Can make a note about the rapidity - sometimes, it don't allows to enjoy the views. Anyway, I want it! Make it more, and congratulations again! =) Bye!
  2. iiley says: March 27,2010 10:17 AM  
    Thanks Francesca, please keep eyes on our future games if you like. :)
  3. Greta says: April 01,2010 04:05 AM  
    This game is really perfect.
    I love especially the music: it gives me a deep feeling of calm and senseless joy, but I can't find it in the Internet, so can you tell me the titles and the musician?

    P.S.: Sorry for my English: I'm Italian^^
  4. iiley says: April 01,2010 10:18 AM  
    Hi Greta, the musician does not have a profile on the internet, but we may help he to setup a page at myspace.
    BTW, i'v sent you a email.
  5. Greta says: April 02,2010 01:52 AM  
    Thanks a lot, you've made me happy =D
  6. Greta says: April 02,2010 05:34 AM  
    ..And I'd like to have a copy of the Album
  7. iiley says: April 02,2010 12:25 PM  
    Hi Greta, i guess Yexiao(the musician) will be happy to know you love the music. I'll talk with him soon later about publish his music on internet, when it is available, i'll let you know. :) Have a good day!
  8. murderlovt says: June 05,2010 01:10 PM  
    Hey guys, now you could download the Album which is used in the game here:
  9. Thirdian says: November 19,2010 04:03 AM  
    Guys, thank for "Time Goes By". I'm really like it and I recommed "Time Goes By" to my friends. "Time Goes By" for me it's a perfect combination of ideas, graphic design, and of course music. Your game like a summer sunny day:) And I want personaly thank to Yexiao for his awesome music. By the way, where I can listen "City Movie"? (all links doesn't work).
  10. iiley says: November 19,2010 10:16 AM  
    Hi Thirdian, We are happy that you like this game, it is our glad.

    The site CasualRock is down for a while, we will try to make it back in future, in the meantime you can play the game on Kongregate : http://www.kongregate.com/games/Burstyx/time-goes-by , For the album "City Movie", you can listen it here: http://www.xiami.com/album/381853
  11. Thirdian says: November 19,2010 01:13 PM  
    Thanks for links guys :) Now my working day would be much better with "Ciry Movie".
  12. Gikachu. says: January 11,2011 01:07 PM  
    Thanks a lot for this game! Made my day~
  13. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by heyokcomputer. heyokcomputer said: Indeed. <3 RT @noison_kuusou http://www.burstyx.com/?p=8 This game is really cute and so caaaalm~ And the soundtrack is amazing! [...]
  14. Tubblegum says: March 20,2012 06:43 AM  
    ^^Geez, long time passed since the last post... I just stumbled over this cute game and couldn't get the music out of my mind... Is there any chance to get the album whithout illegal consequences (rapidshare) or signing in on chinese sites ( XD )? Would be so great to get an answer:D.

    (I'm german if the information is required^^)
  15. iiley says: March 20,2012 12:22 PM  
    Hi Tubblegum, i have sent a message to Yexiao(the musician), i guess we will have a way to make you have it soon.Drop me a line if i forget to contact you days later.
  16. Tubblegum says: March 24,2012 11:16 PM  
    Hey iliey, I thought of dropping you a line here again^^ (I hope I'm not too early for that though :D)... Did you get some news about the album from "yexiao"? I wish you a nice weekend^^
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